Man arrested after threats to kill girlfriend

WARREN — A New Castle man accused of trying to kill his girlfriend Thursday evening and telling dispatchers he will “make officers shoot him” was booked into the Trumbull County Jail Friday afternoon on felony charges of failure to comply and theft, according to jail records.

Lashan Boatner, 42, had a warrant out for his arrest following Thursday’s incident after he fled the scene, according to Warren Municipal Court records and a police report.

Police were called to the 4100 block of Chevelle Drive around 7:40 p.m. and when officers arrived, two women were on the porch — the victim’s mother and the resident. They asked the victim to come outside and when she did, officers said her face was red, she was crying and seemed scared, the police report states.

The victim told officers she brought her child to the Chevelle Drive home for a play date at 6:30 p.m. and when she returned home at 7 p.m., Boatner accused her of cheating on him and started throwing pictures at her, the report states. The victim later realized the pictures were wedding pictures from her previous marriage.

The victim said Boatner threw her against a wall and when she fell in the hallway, Boatner got on top of her and told her he was going to “break her jaw” and “knock her teeth out.” After Boatner let the victim up, she ran to the bedroom, but Boatner blocked her in, threw her on the ground and began wrestling with her, the report states.

He then started slapping the victim’s mouth and forcefully grabbed her face. When her phone rang multiple times, Boatner asked if it was another man messaging her, but it was the victim’s child asking to be picked up, the report states.

Boatner then stated that the little girl “will not have a mother soon” and started talking about how he was going to kill the victim, the report states. She convinced Boatner to let her pick up her child, but Boatner went with her.

When the victim, who was driving, got to the home on Chevelle, she ran inside, locked the door and yelled for them to call 911. Boatner started yelling at the victim’s mother and then took off in the SUV with the victim’s purse still inside it, the report states.

The victim asked officers to accompany her to her home on Devon Drive so she could grab clothes for her daughter. When she opened the garage door, the SUV was in the garage, but the woman’s van was gone and her purse, which contained numerous credit cards and her checkbook, was still missing, the report states.

Officers advised her to cancel her credit cards and she stayed at someone else’s house for the night.

Boatner is due in Warren Municipal Court on Monday and is being held on a $3,500 cash or surety bond.