Two Newton Falls councilmen abstain from annexation vote

Tribune Chronicle / Christina Ramey Newton Falls Village Manager David Lynch stands on property on state Route 5 the village plans to annex from Braceville in a “blanket agreement.” Lynch said officials want to annex 30 percent of the state Route 5 corridor, up to and just beyond the edge of the Ohio Turnpike.

NEWTON FALLS — Two councilmen who are usually on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to voting both abstained from voting on an ordinance involving future annexation into the village.

The ordinance passed Monday with a 3-0 vote, with councilmen John Baryak, 2nd Ward, and Tarry Alberini, at-Large, abstaining. Baryak owns mineral rights on a property targeted for annexation from Braceville, and Alberini owns property.

Baryak said he abstained from voting because he “didn’t want any trouble.” Alberini said he abstained from voting because “Mr. Baryak thinks there is impropriety there.”

After the meeting, Baryak also said Alberini has a “vested interest” in Braceville.

“I can tell you unequivocally I have not, and have never used, my position to assist annexing my property into Newton Falls,” Alberini said.

Mayor Lyle Waddell said when they started formulating plans to annex parts of Braceville into the village, he originally wanted to annex 1,000 acres at one time, but found out that wasn’t allowed.

“When we found out we couldn’t do what we wanted to do, we went out and did the annexation in portions we felt that we could do rather quickly and effectively and smartly,” Waddell said. “And that eliminated all of their properties to begin with because the only one that was east of the turnpike was the hotel.”

Baryak owns the mineral rights to a property now owned by Carter Lumber. Alberini’s property is next to that property, going east on state Route 5 toward Warren.

The ordinance that was passed is one that is known as a “blanket agreement,” said Village Manager David Lynch.

“That means as you apply for annexation of various acreage within Braceville that you already have, the terms of that annexation already are agreed to,” Lynch said. “The advantage of that is you’re not negotiating new annexation agreements every time you find a different area of land you want to annex.”

While there has been no formal announcement of what Newton Falls would like to annex, Lynch said they’re looking at annexing at least 30 percent of the state Route 5 corridor, up to and just beyond the edge of the Ohio Turnpike.