Property transfers

Property transferred in Trumbull County May 9-22:


Thomas A. Russ and Geraldine R. Kirkwood to Larry H. Wibert, 3379 Eagles Loft, $85,000

Raymond G. Rosowicz to Michael T. and Kelsey Marion, 2045 Timber Creek Drive, $215,000

Marilyn M. Mills to Shelly A. Hinchman, 3360 N. Park, $50,000

TF Warren OH LLC to Holdings Warren Perkins Jones LLC ICP, 541 Perkins Jones, $19,000,000

Matthew P. and Juliann Moore to Dustyn M. Greenhalgh, 938 Everett Hull Road, $287,000

Richard J. Mathews to Michael J. and Razel M. Klemm, 2314 Keystone Trail, $287,000


Larry A. Jr. and Christine R. Gilmore to Larry A. Jr. and Christine R. Gilmore, Bloomfield Kinsman, $124,000

Larry A. Jr. and Christine R. Gilmore to GLYM LLC, Bloomfield Kinsman, $124,000

William B. Sobe to Roger M. and Heather R. Peters, 8745 Painesville Warren, $45,000


Noah Weiser and Kayla Quinlan to Kaitlyn Siracki, 1086 Kale Adams, $176,000

Michael J. and Christine A. Pasquale to City of Newton Falls Ohio, state Route 5, $40,000

The Middlefield Banking Company to Joshua R. Nicolette Martorello, 4063 Eagle Creek, $110,000


Cheryl P. Balint to Matthew P. and Juliann Moore, Thompson Clark Road, $298,000


Debra Robich to Dennis F. and Carol E. Kamovitch, 790 Crestwood, $80,000

Kelly L. Carrier FKA Kelly L. Bianco to Sean and Joann McGuiness, 7410 Oakwood, $424,888


Troy Hutchins to Nancy L. and William J. Schuster, 4172 N. Leavitt, $127,900

Jeffrey L. Jr. and Katieann Walters to Jacob E. and Traci M. Zager, 7024 Shaffer, $184,500

Dean W. and Dawn M. Seifert to Thomas C. Seifert, 222 Champion, $135,000

Allison M. Ester to Joshua L. and Joanna I. Feathers, 182 Aspen, $189,400

Joseph and Kristen Calhoun to Sydney E. Muster, Alva, $129,500

Melvin E. Schmucker and Malinda J. Schmucker to Amos Z. and Kathy A. Ebersol, 6393 Oak Hill, $265,000

Mark Rossell to John and Riana Taktikos, 918 Prentice, $175,000

Edward V. and Kendra A. Moran to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 5583 Pierce Road, $60,000

Dar Lena M. Tuttle to James W. and Tina M. Meyer, 165 Airport, $160,000

Carney E. and Linda L. Matheny to Michael E. and Laura L. Bloom, 1345 Waverly, $160,000

TF Warren OH LLC to Holdings Warren Perkins Jones LLC ICP, North Park, $19,000,000

Ashley J. Hovanic to Russell D. and Jessica D. Banks, 5290 Calla, $159,900

Tracey Laslo to Gary A. Davis, 149 Aspen, $183,000


Jean A. Cameron to Tristana J. Hyde-Gillis and Jason Gillis, 157 Colonial, $158,000

Kevin M. Knowlton to Michelle N. and Clint Watson, 123 Turquoise, $129,000

Eric D. and Abigail J. Demsey to Benjamin D. Darby and Laureen R. Gump, 252 Terre Hill, $173,000

Melissa J. Flajnik to Phillip L. and Lorie M. Hines, 239 Wae Trail, $182,500

Judy Glosser to Johna and Sue A. McMahon, 164 Turquoise, $160,000

Brandon W. Noyes to Yvette Patterson, 180 Frostwood, $161,000

Frank A. and Kathy L. Shiflet to Gary L. Hunter, 284 Stahl, $146,000

Michael J. Chizmar Sr. to Kenneth R. and Patricia A. Brown, 27 Brookview Drive, $275,000

John Tomko and Carol A. Vanmetter to Sandra A. Meyer, 135 Turquoise, $110,000

Grant A. and Mary J. Oakes to Jay Ash LLC, 110 state Route 46, $925,000

James M. and Jacalyn F. Sladovic to Richard Matthews, 160 Turquoise, $139,900


Dan D. Hostetler Jr. and Esther S. Hostetler to Andy Ray and Paul E. Miller, Curtis Middlefield, $20,000


Robert F. and Lana J. Thomas to Chris E. and Angela L. Karig, 5273 Cadwallader Sonk, $137,900


Teresa M. Runnals to Jacob T. Zetterquist, 1177 Woodlawn, $110,000

Sara E. Smith to Thomas M. Smith, Beechwood, $36,800

Michael P. Dulaney to Steven R. Irgang, 129 Crumlin, $65,550

Colleen T. Masternick to Thomas M. Comichisto, 948 Ward, $111,000

Bank of America NA to Salman Investments LLC, 344 Iowa, $20,525

David M. and Kathleen O. Sauline to Jennifer M. McNeil, 417 Lease Court, $83,500

Janice Scott Luoma to Laura A. and Joshua Elmo, 202 State, $67,900

Lyndsay A. Morgan to SR Ohio LLC, 70 Emma, $22,401

Barbara Martin to Kevin P. and Barbara L. Hogan, 62 Cheyenne, $155,000


Tammie J. Fraser to Shane V. Mason, 419 Willow, $104,000

CWA Prospects LLC to Vanda G. and Lois K. Ray, 1148 Niles Cortland, $131,500

Kiersten Deemer to William and Kelly Schreckengost, 8171 Cherry Hill, $123,500

Ronald C. Helsel Sr. and Sharon L. Helsel to New Day Financial LLC, 3591 Atlantic, $70,000

Trumbull Rentals LLC to Sabatine BK Development LLC, 2019 state Route 46, $150,000

Equity Trust Company to Sabatine BK Development LLC, 2103 state Route 46, $300,000

Ecumenical Developments Nancy A. Benedek to Joslynn Properties LLC, Woodland, $25,500

Richard E. and Judith A. Waid to Virginia D. Villwock, 8034 Brookwood, $145,000

Cory J. and Rachel T. Knowlton, Jordan A. and Taryn E. Roberts, 8445 Squirrel Hill, $155,500

Dianne M. Deniakis to Alyssa Anne Covert, 7775 Venice, $112,000

Janet H. Vogt to Bank of New York Mellon, 1400 Saint Andrews, $160,007

Michael J. Hall to Lindsay MC Goossens and Mitchell A. Goossens, 625 Rosegarden, $106,500

Stephen W. Leigh to Bouldin Holland, 3020 N. River Unit G12, $43,500

Robert J. and Julie A. Stanko to Trisha L. Betts, 8598 Warwick, $137,000

Jonathan P. and Valerie A. Shirah to Rick A. Vesey, 2474 North, $150,000


Sheila D. Steffler to Riley Construction of Ohio LLC, 5901 Mount Everett, $43,000

Kathleen Stein to Robert A. and Sandra L. DeJulio, 56 Timber Lake Drive, $185,000

SJL Development LLC and Ohio LLC to Tripco LLC, 330 Erie, $225,000

Otto R. Glasnapp to TAK Real Estate LLC, 155 Hager, $37,500

Daniel J. Madeline to Mark Cianciolo, 326 Myron, $150,000

Anthony Schlais to Wendell F. Schlais, Caroline, $80,000


Leonard C. and Elizabeth A. Coppin to David E. Denman and Mary Anne Emery, 6885 Kingsville, $65,000


Elmer J. Lillie Jr. to Heritage Hills Farm LTD, 6710 Morford East, $661,500


Jeffrey Schink to Rebecca M. Ruffner, 1393 Tomilu, $70,000

Larry D. and Latoya L. Coston to Brandon and Kaitlyn Kachurchak, 901 Royal Arms, $156,000

Sara E. Smith to Thomas M. Smith, Beechwood, $36,800

Michael Dickson to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, 613 Northlawn, $60,000

Jeffrey J. and Brandy M. Franklin and Timothy David Senchesak, 150 Mill Run, $130,000

Bernard L. and Deborah R. Mauser to Myrone E. Williams, 238 Laurel, $55,000

Thomas J. and Linda C. Noday to Sara Sadeghi, 3504 Somerset Unit B, $112,000

Eugene Tarica to James and April Nail, 3916 Logan Way, $80,000


Glenn E. Steffey to Kimberlee Johanna Obhof, 7649 Highland, $89,500

Stephen W. Hill and Dawn L. Hill to John D. Meyers and Barbara K. Meyers, 3136 Lyntz Townline Road, $240,000

Kyle M. and Jennifer L. Schofer to Linda M. and Randy L. Braham, 6511 Woodridge Way, $220,000


James A. and Renee Beedle to Hallie Ann McGee and Mark Robert Fabia, 338 Ohio, $80,000

William J. Amlotte to Benjamin A. Starnes, Iowa, $118,000


Ben J. and Rhoda C. Mullet to Jacob L. Miller, 8425 Girdle, $138,000

Yuhasz Bros LLC to Yuhasz Bros LLC, state Route 534, $168,766

Robert L. and Katie W. Detweiler to Robert L. and Katie W. Detweiler, 9773 Girdle, $53,595


Donald R. and Nicole Gatrell to Rockie Hobbs, 305 Oak Knoll, $66,500

Kenneth L. and Victoria L. Shaw to David A. Nagle Jr. and Melissa Nagle, Ophelia, $136,000

Matthew F. Meleski Jr. and Carolyn Liberacki Meleski to Duane Schlosser Jr., Hallock Young Road, $20,000

Bane Properties LLC to Brandon L. and Holly M. McNeely, 229 Bane, $106,000

Richard Dakota Powell to Dawn Bryant, Brandywine Trail, $86,550

Margaret Spletzer to Bruner Land Company, Selkirk Bush, $44,000

Matthew P. and Katy L. Horner to Duane E. Jr. and Lenore A. Schlosser, 3145 Hallock Young Road, $324,000


Renee C. Sherry to Sean R. Smith, 2686 Black Oak, $168,000

U.S. Bank Association to David and Tammy Wiltrout, 163 St. John, $20,500

David Dean and Marianne R. Tisdale to Charles L. Miller, 303 Cedar, $35,000

Benny Benitez to Dawn A. Rozier, 36 Fairview, $103,100

Linda M. and Randy Braham to James Jackson, 409 Wendell Place, $92,200

Ellen M. Dinsmore and James W. Baer to Leesa M. Carr, 527 Orchard, $75,000

Daymark Trustee LLC to BPDM Properties 2018-1 LLC, 67 Helen, $100,000

Robert J. Moore to Maryellen Castimore, 1412 Clark, $38,500

William C. Clark to First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation, 1421 McKinley, $32,500

Jesse A. Holbrook to Carrington Mortgage Services LLC, 334 Ward, $28,880

Sarah N. King to Seth Staudacher, 308 Peffer, $39,000

Home and Land Developers LLC to John E. Keefer and Yvonne Porterfield, 1026 Park Place, $290,064

Jenice A. Muenster to Robert A. and Faye Clossin, 1575 Sunny Estates Drive, $165,000

John A. Macali to Niles Development LLC, Mahoning, $50,000

John A. Hegel to Niles Development LLC, 319 Robbins, $100,000

Jie Lin and Yan N Li to Caroline L. and Mary H. Carano, 54 Wilson, $63,500


Michael A. and Vicky L. Hargreaves to Heather L. Gulas, 1085 Sodom Hutchings, $174,900


Evelyn May Lamson to Alan Owens, 5780 Eagle Creek, $20,000

Michael Manios to Harold C. and Angela F. Armstrong, 808 N. Park, $44,000

Sevasti G. Hadzigeorge to Ohio Properties Portfolio 2019, 386 Laird, $32,000

Toni J. Burkhammer to Joshua D. Griffing and Aurora N. West, 421 Fairmount, $72,500

Felix Camareno to M Walker Investments LLC, 3811 North Woods Unit 2, $56,301

John Louis Mpinikos to Nikolaos and Anna Atsalis, 1621 Bonnie Brae, $35,000

Darlene D. Dorff to Us Bank National Association, 1414 Hollywood, $30,000

Joseph A. Chovan Jr. and Susan J. Poole to Keith and Lisa Thomas, Meadowbrook, $73,000

Elaine C. DeCapito to James A. Williams Jr. and Brittany N. Williams., 310 North, $138,000

Diane Dusza Kaiser to Autumn Lamp, 3830 North Woods Unit 6, $74,000

Joseph L. and Pamela L. Baldwin to Jesse F. Champ and Tanya A. Mata, 2140 Sarkies, $96,500

Michael Manios to Sylvio J. and Vanessa L. Pellegrino, 681 Mercer, $26,000

Heidi S. Mock to Eric Dunlap Sr. and Antoinette Dunlap, 1611 Sunset, $90,000

Altug Ozturk to Anthony L. Adamson, 329 Kenilworth, $40,000

David Devlin II to Big Run Ranch LLC, 287 Lawrence, $25,000

M Walker Investments LLC to Danielle Jennings, 3811 North Woods Unit 2, $69,000

BPDM Properties 2018-2 LLC to BPDM Properties 2018-1 LLC, 115 Central Parkway, $83,000

Daymark Trustee LLC to BPDM Properties 2018-1 LLC, 1388 Beechcrest, $70,000

Daymark Trustee LLC to BPDM Properties 2018-1 LLC, 428 Kenilworth, $100,000

Daymark Trustee LLC to BPDM Properties 2018-1 LLC, 717 Kenilworth, $80,000

MS Squared Capital LLC to Robert and Kayla M. Crenshaw, 1186 Adelaide, $22,000

Steven E. and Denise L. Gillespie to Michael A. Longstreet Jr., Willard, $118,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA to Durst Holdings LLC, 805 Willard, $24,599

Barbara Busonik Root to Laura Osbourne and Jamie Bowers, 1523 Woodland, $24,900

W. Arthur Straitiff to Eriana Wagner, 419 Forest, $20,000

Ronald G. Seaborn to Daniel J. Sferra, 2088 Woodland, $66,000


James C. Jr. and Judy D. Mashburn to Thomas E. and Carrie Battison, 2646 Morris Lane, $42,500

Willie L. Sparks Jr. to Michael P. White, 2342 Salt Springs, $137,000


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