Daycare rapist’s parole hearing delayed

WARREN — A parole hearing for a man who raped and molested children at a day care — a man the Trumbull County prosecutor said should “die in prison” — was continued for four years.

Clyde Bush, 69, has been in prison for 29 years, after admitting to raping or molesting 10 children in 1990, when he pleaded guilty to eight counts of child rape, one count of attempted child rape and five counts of gross sexual imposition, according to a letter Trumbull County Prosecutor Dennis Watkins wrote to the Ohio Parole Board.

A parole hearing scheduled for April was continued until April 2023, according to the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

Bush was sentenced to eight life sentences. Watkins opposed his parole this year, in 2014 and 2009.

“These children were robbed of their innocence and subjected not only to physical trauma, but also such mental anguish as we will never know. Thirty years later, these children are still suffering from damage caused by Clyde Bush,” states Trumbull County Sheriff Paul Monroe in a letter supporting Watkins’ position. Monroe was the lead investigator on the case when he was an officer with the Howland Police Department.

Bush’s wife was running a day care in the township, where he found and assaulted the victims when his wife left to run errands. Parents reported him to the police.

Bush’s age doesn’t make him less likely to reoffend, Watkins argues.

“We have successfully prosecuted 70-year-old child molesters,” the letter states. “Textbook pedophiles” shouldn’t be released from life sentences, the letter states.

“Even in a wheelchair, if inmate Bush is able to hold a baby or a toddler, he would be able to sexually assault them. There is zero chance to reoffend if he serves his full sentence,” Watkins states.

Bush is labeled as “low” risk by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, with which Watkins “strongly disagrees.”

Because there are no children in prison, Bush hasn’t had a chance to reoffend, Watkins argues.

Bush is being held at the Franklin Medical Center for Ohio inmates.