Brookfield plans to hire superintendent from within

BROOKFIELD — The Board of Education plans to hire someone from within the district to be the next superintendent.

The board had planned to name someone at its Wednesday meeting, but members did not make a decision. In addition, after two finalists were announced, the community rallied and showed up at the meeting with petitions asking the board to hire someone from the district.

The finalists for the superintendent position were Rocco Nero, superintendent in Southington, and Michelle Kalish, assistant superintendent for Brooklyn (Ohio) City Schools.

“We had two great candidates two weeks ago, but unfortunately the board was unable to come up with a unanimous decision,” said Ronda Bonekovic, president of the Brookfield Board of Education. “This process has been exhausting and very time consuming. We all want to do what’s in the best interest of our students.”

Bonekovic said parents in Brookfield are very passionate about who comes into the superintendent’s role and fully support hiring someone from within the Brookfield district.

The two candidates now being considered are middle school Principal Toby Gibson and high school Principal Adam Lewis, Bonekovic said.

“We are hoping the board can make a decision. We are interviewing them on Wednesday (May 29),” said Bonekovic. “Hopefully our board can make a decision.”

The district began searching after Velina Jo Taylor announced in March she was leaving the post after three years to become superintendent of Lakeview Local Schools, replacing longtime superintendent Robert Wilson. More than two dozen applications were received and the board interviewed the top 10, Bonekovic said.