Man gives chase to naked teens through Warren neighborhood

WARREN — A call about a teenage girl running naked through some Warren neighborhoods turned out to be a father chasing his daughter after he caught her and her boyfriend having sex, according to a police report.

The report states a resident on Woodland Avenue called police around 5:45 a.m. Tuesday who said a naked girl was being chased by an adult male. A short while later, a woman driving on Genessee Avenue near Montclair Avenue flagged down a patrol car and said a “frantic” naked girl ran up to her.

The girl and a naked young man were running through yards on Oak Knoll Avenue, the woman said. She told the teenage girl to run to the police car and once inside the cruiser, the girl told police it was her father who was chasing her, the report states.

An older male walked up to the cruiser and told police the girl was his daughter. He told officers he and his wife heard noises coming from their daughter’s room around 5 a.m. and when they went to investigate, they saw a naked boy jumping out her bedroom window, the report states. Their daughter, who also was naked, followed him.

The father explained the family has had an ongoing problem with the boy and already had scheduled a meeting with a juvenile prosecutor for next week about obtaining a restraining or protective order against the boy, the report states.

In the process of jumping out the window, the boy dropped his cellphone, which was given to police. It is being held for evidence, the report states.