Couple robbed, assaulted during home invasion

WARREN — A couple was robbed of two cell phones, $300 in cash and a small bag of marijuana during a home invasion Wednesday night on Williamsburg Street NW.

Aaren Rhine of Williamsburg Street, and Ciara Barker, 1137 Norwood St., told police they were sitting watching television in Rhine’s apartment when they heard someone knocking on the door. When Rhine opened the door, a man wearing a red hat and black bandanna around his face, a black hoodie jacket and black shorts, pushed his way into the house, according to a police report.

The man stuck a black handgun to Rhine’s head, telling Rhine to walk up the stairs to the living room. As they walked up the stairs, the man hit Rhine across the back of his head with the gun, according to the police report.

When the pair entered the living room, the man yelled for Barker to come over and “stick to him like glue.” The couple was forced at gunpoint into the kitchen , where the robber demanded everything they had, which included the cell phones, cash and marijuana found on the kitchen table, the police report states.

They were then forced into a bathroom tub and ordered to stay in it until he left, according to the report. The robber warned them if they called police, he would come back.

As the robber walked out the door, Rhine’s alarm system beeped. Rhine found an old cell phone and called police. The man came back to the house, and was banging on the door for about five minutes before fleeing, according to the report.