On the record – Lordstown

WHAT: Village council meeting Monday

PRESENT: Robert Bond, Karen Jones, Lamar Liming, Ron Radtka, Don Reider, Howard Sheely and Mayor Arno Hill


• Entered into an agreement with Larry Tura of 6840 Tod Ave. SW, for the purchase, dismantling, deconstruction and removal of two wind turbines and two 100-foot supporting lattice towers for $1. The village has wanted to get the turbines near the administration building removed. There was only one bid received;

• Heard from fire Chief Travis Eastham that new air packs have arrived through a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant jointly received by Lordstown, McDonald, Cortland and Weathersfield;

• Adopted updated rules and regulations governing water use and service within the village. Jones recommended the Board of Public Affairs put something in bylaws that more than one person in a household can be named on the water bill account so it would easily transfer between the parties;

• Adopted a policy where department heads can purchase goods and services for the village without council’s consent for purchases that do not exceed $500;

• Approved the Jean Ann Smith summer fun days for July with expenditure of $1,000 for supplies and refreshments and the Community Day picnic for June 23 with expenditure of $1,500 for supplies;

• Heard from Hill that union negotiations will be held this year with a negotiations committee of council to be established.

— Bob Coupland