On the record – Hubbard

WHAT: City council meeting Monday

PRESENT: Bill Williams, Bonnie Viele, Tim O’Hara, Lisha Pompili-Baumiller, Michael Toda, Justin Silvidi, Jerome Crowe, Ben Kyle and Mayor John Darko


• Approved advertising for bids for the 2019 summer street paving that will include 10 streets, including Grandview Avenue and Waugh Drive, at $250,000. Darko said the project will be put out for bid with work being planned in the summer when schools are closed;

• Heard from Darko a civil service test for police chief will be given as police Chief James Taafe will be retiring at end of year. He said a sergeant may be promoted to the position, depending on test results;

• Heard from Darko who credited the county health district for its work and assistance with health-related matters.

— Bob Coupland