Howland park board purchases play equipment

HOWLAND — As plans move forward to create a new Tiger Town, the Howland Park Board on Friday approved the purchase of $61,757 in play equipment and units which will be installed as part of the first phase of the project to begin in June.

Park Board President Shawn Pompelia said play units include a $3,439 island helicopter, a $1,895 junior sports car, $21,014 drag race vehicle, and $35,409 custom biplane which will be incorporated into the play area to be constructed at the main entrance of Howland Township Park. Items were bid out with some from Park Place Solutions.

Pompelia said the first phase will take three weeks to a month for installation.

The former Tiger Town, located in the northwest corner of the park, was removed due to its age and safety concerns.

Also, the board approved MDI Studios, at $975, to create a new park website, separate from the township site where park information now is available.

The board will meet 11 a.m. Wednesday to discuss finalization of the new park web page.