Gun owner surrenders rifles to police for safety

WARREN — A Clermont Avenue NE man on Wednesday agreed to have his guns temporarily held after police officers suspected he fired at a truck driven by a man he claims has repeatedly driven by his home, yelled obscenities and driven quickly away.

Officers went to the house of David M. Haak, 46, 1777 Clermont Ave. NE, at 10 p.m. Wednesday, after receiving calls that someone was firing a weapon in the neighborhood. In discussing the issue with police, Haak told officers a person he believes was one of his son’s former friends had been cruising the neighborhood, driving slowly by his house, yelling and then doing “burn outs” as he drove away from his home, according to a police report.

Haak admitted throwing fireworks at the vehicle, but told officers he did not fire a weapon at it. Officers advised Haak not to throw fireworks at the vehicle and left the scene, the report states.

About 20 minutes later, Levi Charlton, 1409 Elm Road NE, called police stating Haak had fired a gun at his vehicle when he drove by his house, according to the police report. Officers saw a single bullet hole on the truck’s front fender.

After repeated questioning by officers, Charlton stated he drove to Haak’s residence, yelled obscenities and then drove off at a high rate of speed when Haak came out of the house. Charlton, according to the police report, drove around the block, where Haak was standing in the road with a firearm. Haak, according to Charlton, fired at his truck.

When officers went back to Haak’s house and advised him what they saw, Haak once again denied shooting at the truck. However, Haak admitted having weapons and agreed to have the officers take them for “safekeeping,” according to the report.