CSB probes after kids left alone

Officers said house was cluttered, dirty

WARREN — Trumbull County Children Services officials are investigating after two young children were found unsupervised in a cluttered, dirty house, according to a police report.

The school resource officer at McGuffey PK-8 School was asked by a school administrator to do a welfare check at 636 Commerce Ave. NW around 3 p.m. Thursday. While walking toward the house, the resource officer and a second Warren officer were approached by a maintenance man who asked them if the children had gotten out of the house again, according to a police report.

After knocking on the door, two young boys answered — a 4-year-old and 6-year-old — who told officers no adult was home. When the officers went inside, they were met by a strong odor of dirt and trash, the report states. The boys told police their brother, who is 14, was upstairs sleeping and they woke him up so he could talk to the officers.

The teen told officers his mother was visiting their grandmother at the hospital and he often watches his younger siblings, the report states. He told police he does not go to school and asked the officers if they were there because the boys had gotten out of the house. The teen attempted to contact his mother through Facebook, but was unable to do so. The mother, later identified as Christina Bossard, 43, was contacted through a police dispatcher.

The officers wrote in their report the house was cluttered and dirty and the kitchen was “filthy,” with white powder all over the floor, rotting meat in the deep freezer and the refrigerator’s freezer portion, and nothing but condiments in the refrigerator. They reported there was spilled food in both the refrigerator and freezer, along with dirty pots, pans and dishes piled on the counter.

Empty food containers were thrown around the floor, along with clothes, shoes and other clutter, the report states. The officers contacted Children Services.

When Bossard arrived home, the officers explained to her that CSB was called because of the home’s condition and they were there for a welfare check. She told officers she has to leave her kids at the house because her mother is in the hospital, but their older brother watches them.

The officers wrote in the report that Bossard was visibly upset and seemed overwhelmed with her situation. She told police she is facing eviction, lost her job and has not been sending her children to school because of her mother being hospitalized, the report states. She told police she gives them food and routinely checks on them.

However, Bossard did not answer when the officers told her one of the children said she leaves them alone for up to a week at a time, the report states. A CSB worker came to work out a safety plan with Bossard and said the children could remain in the home as long as the safety plan was followed, the report states.

Officers noted in their report that CSB advised this is an identical call to one they responded to last year.