Board to seek parts, equipment for new Tiger Town park

HOWLAND — The Howland Township Park Board is moving forward with the first phase of a new Tiger Town play area for the township park as part of the park’s revitalization efforts.

The board will hold a special meeting this week to further discuss the project and will begin ordering parts and equipment at the March 8 meeting in order for it to arrive in May.

The board also has approved seeking quotes and bids for updating the township park website. Plans are to include additional information, photos and details about the parks.

Park Board President Shawn Pompelia said the website would include order forms for bricks to be placed around Tiger Town. Forms to order the bricks, which can honor a loved one, also are available at the township administration building. Selling the bricks will help raise funds for the project

The board also is seeking available grants and foundation money for the $400,000 project. Various donations and grants have already been received.

Also, a work day is being planned for Bolindale Park to complete projects and improvements there.