Resource officer removal questioned

City police union wants apology

WARREN — Members of the city’s police union plan to attend the next Warren Board of Education meeting to ask that an investigation be conducted into why a school resource officer was escorted from the Jefferson PK-8 School Wednesday after he gave one of its principals a ticket for parking in an area designated for handicapped parking.

“We want an apology to our officer and want to know exactly what happened from the time the ticket was issued to when SRO Adam Chinchic was escorted off of the property,” said Warren patrolman Michael Stabile, co-director of the Ohio Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

Chinchic was escorted from the school campus Wednesday shortly after issuing a ticket to Jefferson principal Carrie Boyer, according to Stabile. Boyer is listed as a K-2 pod principal on the district’s website.

The officer has since been reassigned to patrol duties for the city.

Boyer was initially warned before the district’s holiday break that she was illegally parking in an area designated for loading handicapped persons into vehicles, according to Stabile.

“It is my understanding that at the time, she told the officer she had been parking there for years and then moved her car,” Stabile said.

She was warned again after parking in the same area when school reopened after the holiday break, according to Stabile. Boyer was given a ticket after the third time she parked in the area, Stabile said.

Stabile emphasized the lines between handicapped parking spaces, where Boyer was parking, are, by city ordinance, designated to be used for those using handicapped spaces to get in an out of their vehicles.

Chinchic told his union representatives he was approached by two district employees within a half hour after writing the ticket and was told they were ordered by the superintendent to remove him from the school.

“He was taken to his office, allowed to collect his belongings and walked out of the building,” Stabile said.

“Our officer did nothing wrong,” Stabile said. “He could have written the ticket the first time he noticed her parking in the handicapped space.”

Since Chinchic was removed, Stabile said other school resource officers have been moved from other schools to Jefferson for several hours during school days while this issue is being addressed by the school’s administration and the city’s Safety Service director.

The district and the administration already had been working on a new contract between the city and the district.

Safety Service Director Enzo Cantalamessa on Wednesday noted this issue will be addressed.

“This is the first time I’ve experienced anything like this,” Stabile said. “We have a good relationship with the schools.”

“Officer Chinchic wants to return to the schools,” Stabile said. “He enjoyed working with the kids.”



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