Fowler places 2-mill additional police levy on primary ballot

FOWLER — Township trustees at a special meeting Saturday approved placing a 2-mill additional continuous police levy on the May primary ballot.

If passed by voters, it would generate $96,000 annually, and would replace both a 1983 levy for 1.25 mills and a 1-mill levy from 1991, both of which would be retired.

Trustees have said this is the first police levy the township has placed before voters in 27 years.

Officials said currently, the owner of a $100,000 home pays $37.40 per year combined for the police levies. If the proposed levy passes, taxes would increase to $70 per year, based on a $100,000 home.

Trustee Al Crabbs said the current levies bring in $55,000 total. It costs the township $68,000 to operate the police department with $13,000 used from the general fund.

Planned informational meetings on the levy will be posted on the township’s community sign at the center.