On the record — Niles

WHAT: City council meeting, Wednesday

PRESENT: Barry Steffey, Michael Lastic, Al Cantola, Ryan McNaughton, Barry Profato, Sheri Smith, Linda Marchese, Patrick Kearney, Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz


• Adopted a resolution in support of the General Motors Lordstown facility;

• Adopted a resolution that authorizes the service director to issue a request for qualifications to provide engineering services for projects involving water and sanitary sewer construction and / or treatment in 2019;

• Adopted a resolution that allowed the appropriation of $6,800 from the unappropriated park fund to the park department contracted labor account for building repairs of the concession stand at Sevens Park and electrical works at the Wellness Center to repair the hearing system;

• Adopted an ordinance amending a section of an ordinance in 2010 to allow steel or metal siding and roofing in residentially-zoned areas;

• Heard first reading on an ordinance to amend section 351.14 to prohibit the parking of commercial vehicles and heavy construction vehicles on residentially-zoned property;

• Adopted a resolution to accept the property assessment for land to accommodate the water department;

• Adopted a resolution accepting the property appraisal for land to be purchased for the water department.