Children found in feces-filled apartment

WARREN — Police filed a report with Trumbull County Children Services on Tuesday stating that 7-month-old children are living in an odor-filled Benton Street SE apartment that had exposed animal feces.

No charges were filed against the residents.

Officers went to 1946 Benton St. SE about 4:15 p.m. Tuesday to assist a female caller in retrieving some of her belongings from the property.

As they walked in, officers noticed an overwhelming odor of feces, according to a police report. There was stepped-in cat and kitten feces in the walkway, the report noted. Feces also was spread throughout the kitchen and living room.

Numerous cats and kittens were in the apartment, according to a police report, and although there was a litter box, it was filled with feces, providing the animals no other proper place to defecate.

When asked whether there were children in the home, Anthony Young, a resident, said there were children upstairs with their mother, Desiree Young.

The apartment, according to Anthony Young, is leased to Desiree Young.

When asked why feces was all over the apartment, neither had a good answer, according to the report.

In the room where the children were located, officers smelled a strong odor of feces. However, the officers noticed multiple used diapers laying on the floor. Although closed shut, the diapers were not in a waste basket, it was noted.

Officers explained to the occupants that the conditions were hazardous and potentially put the children at risk, according to the police report.

The officers notified the Children Services Board of the apartment’s condition.

A report also was provided to city prosecutors.