Amish boy struck by truck in Mesopotamia

MESOPOTAMIA — An Amish boy struck by a 2010 Ford Econoline E-350 Monday morning along state Route 534 North was taken by medivac to University Hospital in Cleveland.

The accident took place about 8:38 a.m. Monday near Sweet West Road NW and Walnut Crest Beggs Road on state Route 534 North. The vehicle involved in the accident stopped at the scene.

The unidentified 8-year-old boy was taken to Geauga Airport by West Farmington Emergency Medical Services and flown to University’s Rainbow Childrens Hospitals in Cleveland.

Walking north, the boy reportedly attempted to cross state Route 534, running in the path of the truck in the seconds before he was struck, according to an Ohio State Highway Patrol report.

Jason North of Garrettsville described driving south of state Route 534 in his dump truck when he saw a number of Amish school children walking north. As he passed one group of children, North described glancing in his rear view mirror and saw as a boy was being hit by a white van that was driving behind his truck.

“I don’t know what happened right before, but I saw the boy’s books and lunch box flying in the air,” North said, describing the impact throwing the child across the road.

“I stopped my truck, called 911 and ran back to where the boy was laying to see if there was any response,” he said.

During his call to 911, North initially told the dispatcher he did not believe the boy was breathing.

“I think he’s gone,” North repeated several times on his cellphone as he walked toward him.

It was not until he was right over the boy that North could see whether the boy was breathing, but North described the boy having a bluish color to his skin. “He is breathing,” North described. “I don’t want to move him.”

The driver of the van that struck the child stopped his vehicle. “He looked to be very broken up,” described North.

While talking to the 911 dispatcher, North asked others at the scene to use their coats to cover the boy, so he would stay warm. He described the boy as having some lacerations.

“It appeared that his leg was in a position that it should not have been,” North described.

A school bus driver, who also is a paramedic, was nearby and offered assistance, North described, as did people from area businesses.

The driver of the Econoline was not injured. Alcohol, speed and distracted driving were not factors in this crash, according to the patrol report.

The Mesopotamia and Windsor fire departments and West Farmington EMS assisted at the scene.


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