On the record – Niles

WHAT: City council meeting Monday

PRESENT: Barry Profato, Linda Marchese, Michael Lastic, Ryan McNaughton, PJ Kearny, Sheri Smith, Al Cantola, Barry Steffey Jr. and Mayor Steve Mientkiewicz


• Swore in Lucas Haupt, 24, as a new police officer, bringing the police department to 33 officers and a chief. There is still one opening in the department;

• Appoved purchase of a Ford pickup truck for the police department at $45,000, which will be paid mostly through the impound towing fee fund;

• Approved purchase of a pickup truck through Mark Thomas Ford for the light department;

• Established a billing utility policy to give proper guidance to city officials and employees regarding utility billing issues such as proposed notice of termination, payment plans and medical hardship agreements;

• Approved $3,022 for repairs to the guardrail at state Route 46 and U.S. Route 422. Officials said proceeds from an insurance claim from Nationwide Insurance Co. will cover the costs after a driver hit the guardrail;

• Approved payment of $36,692 for sewer engineering fees for the McKee’s Lane repair project from the sewer fund. Smith said the money is for consulting fees;

• Aproved the sale by Internet auction of a 2007 Ford Crown Victoria police vehicle no longer needed and a one-ton dump truck and wastewater treatment plant belt press from the wastewater department;

• Approved payment of $3,040 to MS Consultants to continue to serve as administrator of the backflow prevention program;

• Approved transfer of $300,000 to the water account for purchase of water from the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District and $20,000 to water operation supplies for any year-end waterline breaks;

• Heard from Mientkiewicz the city secured $400,000 from Eastgate Regional Council of Governments for street paving and a waterline project on North Road for 2019.