Mom arrested at Willard school

WARREN — A mother was arrested on charges of criminal trespassing and resisting arrest after an altercation with a school resource officer Thursday morning as students arrived for class at Willard PK-8, according to a police report.

Desirae A. Boss, 29, Fifth Street SW, Warren, was booked into the Trumbull County Jail on the charges, where she is being held on a $1,000 bond, according to jail records.

“We have a police officer at Willard (PK-8) school that needs additional support,” a woman who said she works for the Warren City School Board of Education told Trumbull County 911 dispatchers. “We have a parent that is out of control … She is extremely combative.”

School resource officer Christopher Martin was knocked down when he attempted to arrest the woman, according to the report. The incident appears to have started as an argument between Boss and another parent, according to the report and a statement from the school district Superintendent Steve Chiaro.

It is unclear what led to the dispute or caused it to escalate.

“This morning, two parents engaged in a verbal altercation at the Willard PK-8 school office, which required our administrative team and school resource officer to intervene in an attempt to restore the expected order of our school office,” Chiaro’s statement states. “Unfortunately, one parent was uncooperative and refused to follow the request and commands of district officials, further resulting in her arrest. The Warren City School District will take all available measures to maintain order and protect the safety of our students and staff.”

Around 9:15 a.m., Martin was at the school helping with traffic as students arrived when he heard a request for help on the school radio and shouting in the background, according to a police report.

When Martin came into the office, staff members were trying to keep the woman from moving further into the room, the report states.

“I approached her and clearly stated to her at least three times that she needs to leave right now, and was ignored. I then grabbed her by the arm and escorted her outside. While in the process of escorting the (woman) outside, I tripped while in the foyer and fell backwards, causing the (woman) to fall on top of me,” Martin wrote in his report.

The two got up and went outside.

“I again reminded her that she needs to leave, she continued yelling and swearing, now at me,” Martin states.

When Martin went back inside to get more information and the woman’s phone, he once again heard yelling and returned to see the woman holding the front door open, yelling at school staff, the police report states.

Martin “knocked” the woman’s hand away from the door and she let go and then hit Martin in the chest with both hands, the report states.

“I then informed her that she was now under arrest and instructed her to place her hands behind her back,” the report states.

The woman began walking away from Martin, and the two ended up on the ground as he attempted to handcuff her, the report states. The woman kept her hand under her body and Martin called for backup, according to Martin’s report.

Boss is expected to be arraigned on the charges today in Warren Municipal Court.