Property transfers

Property transferred in Trumbull County Aug. 30-Sept. 6


Helen Pollack to Darryl Black, 2723 Cadwallader Sonk, $52,720

Katherine Hardesty and Helen Pollack to Darryl L. Black, 2723 Cadwallader Sonk, $85,482

Alvaro F. and Joan A. Cheney Citarella to PCT Mobile Labs Inc, 1128 Prince, $36,500

Kevin S. Turner Jr. to Edward Walton, 496 Everett Hull, $135,000

Helen J. Stankovich to Patricia Racheck, 3304 Trappers Trail Unit A, $78,000

Charles L. and Patricia Klempay to Brandon M. and Madeline J. Byler, 2331 Williams, $140,000


Sandra Cirino to Maria Crespo, 1772 Kinsman Road, $75,000


David J. and Susan Mahan to Tristan Mahan, 1515 Housel Craft, $155,000


Thomas and Marie A. Reiter to Michael Richard, 7924 Warren Sharon, $29,000

Thomas E. Hart to Jennifer M. Troutman and Joseph A. Antonucci, 7896 Third, $53,000


Bank of New York Mellon to Ray Mearns, 2275 Clearview, $52,500

Rudolph Pekarovic Jr. and Rebecca Pekarovic to Jason and Roxanne Vaughn, 6729 Mahoning, $210,000

Nellie R. McElravy to Taylor A. and Adam M. Falatic, 804 Grady, $127,000

Terry T. and Debra R. Nicopolis to Timothy Henderson, 5375 Kuszmaul, $111,000


Mickey L. and Catherine C. Cross to Benjamin T. and Amanda L. Johnson, Rosewae, $120,000

Susan M. Butler to Colleen Marie Smith, 246 Maple, $187,800


Maitino Farms LLC to Maitino Farms LLC, Curtis Middlefield Road, $95,000


Edward Hecker to Westfield Pointe LLC, 5037 Sharpsville, $58,000


Frank L. Costantini Jr. and Robert J. Costantini to Gina Gutierrez, 930 Woodlawn, $73,000

Girard Historical Society to Hipple LLC, 22 Browns Court, $28,000

The First United Methodist Church of Girard to Michael J. Kish Jr., 749 Prospect, $139,900

Harold R. and Margaret E. Pitts to Terry D. and Franchesca J. Pitts, 112 Gordon St., $35,900


Glen J. and Lettie L. Helmick to Eric P. and Ashley M. Bateman, 363 Stewart, $65,000

Martin C. Cohol to Nathan S.G. Cohol, 132 E. Park, $78,500

Cheryl Wlodarski to Wayne K. Shay and Kelley L. Kilar, 107 Christian, $151,500


Joseph A. Sandy to Joseph A. Sandy, 5836 Sodom Hutchings, $25,657


Kathryn S. Plotts to James J. and Lisa S. Young, 3646 Southwood, $132,000

Larry G. Toda to Marwhet Land Company Ltd., 1723 Niles Cortland, $170,000

Stephen and Alice Heather Cooper to Ariel Y. Brockway, 2540 N. River, Unit C10, $36,000

William C. and Judith A. Gerrity to Daniel C. and Molly Faber, 7806 Sutton Place, $120,000

Thomas Michael and Koula J. Glaros Ross to Angel L. and Louise F. Gagne, 2670 North, $198,900

Jason C. Bohman to Melissa Ann and Chad Hathhorn, 285 Shaffer, $125,500

Daniel E. Mazzi and Cathy Miller to Steven C. and Elizabeth J. Trace, 9021 Inverrary Drive, $230,000

Vinemar LLC to Vinemar LLC, Palmer Circle, $40,000

Natalie DePinto to Ryan D. Lewis, 211 S. Aspen Court, $104,000

Jeffrey Ditchey to Joseph A. Hendry Sr., 2980 N. River, Unit E8, $38,000


Virginia M. Knowles to Darlene J. Halverson, 6665 Park, $35,000


Julia D. Dell to Howard Beniston, 1034 Park Circle, $115,900

Robert Dickason to Jonathan A. Ball, 425 Seacrist Lane, $73,000

June L. and Laurie L. Elkins to Lee J. Gerlick, 201 Potters Circle, $120,000

Gretchen K. Reed to Jeffrey J. Cayavec, Keefer, $149,900

Chelsea and Justin Simeon to Ashley N. Ackworth, Golf, $88,000


Christone Naples to Sandra L. and Edward E. Allshouse, 7021 Highland, $155,000

Robert L. Morrow to Harvey D. and Dolly A. Lutz, Lyntz Townline, $260,000

Chad D. Foor to Benjamin R. Milhoun and Bethany L. Rice, 6257 state Route 45, $92,900


US Bank Trust NA to Cody Bucher, 423 Seventh, $123,000

Jed Oakman to Scott W. and Derinda L. Seitz, Marshall, $35,000

Stella Gayan to Nicholas J. Ezzo, 829 Oregon, $103,500


Anthony D. and Pamela N. Limperos to John P. Lewis II, 2850 Citadel, $163,500

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to TAG Resources LLC, 2415 Stephens, $21,241

Bank of America NA to Greater Phoenix Real Estate Alliance, 1095 Orlo, $26,000

Keith D. and Rex Ferry to Alexis Swisher, 711 McManus, $70,000

John M. and Terry S. Minor to US Bank Trust, 4162 Main, $40,000

Dolly H. Aho to Shannon L. Peterson, 1643 Bradford, $52,000

Mary E. Sargent to William M. and Debra S. Graham, 128 Royal Troon Drive, $156,000

David J. and Betty A. Leemasters to Kathryn S. Plotts, 3850 North Woods Unit 1, $82,000

Jerome S. and Patricia A. Denovchek to Alice C. and Daniel E. Long II, 1715 Sheridan, $98,000

Cryskim Land Company LLC to Charles C. LaMonge, 145 Willard, $85,000

Clarissa R. Harris to Janelle Kerr, 1046 Kenmore, $73,000

Richard A. and Theresa A. Polko to Neill E. Flavell, 946 Broadacres, $154,400

Paul A. Straniak to Pamela Marshall, 839 Terra Alta, $50,880


Rachel N. Reese to Jason A. and Rachel E. Miller, 4595 Phalanx Mills, $160,000


Nicholas J. and Helen M. DeMaiolo to Thomas A. M. Fair, 21 Hazel, $65,000

Andrea M. Ferenac to Alyshia Borntreger, 2620 Black Oak, $127,000

Melissa A. Ramos to US Bank National Association, 24 Margaret, $30,000

Linda Narog to TAG Resources LLC, 163 Summerberry Lane, $55,163


David K. Barnes to Linda D. Schultz, 504 J. Court, $36,000

Aaron R. Reihard to Cody A. and Amanda R. Adelman, 1004 Woodglen, $132,000

Irma V. Taylor to John and Rebecca Little, Market, $85,000

Angela Vaughn to Nicholas Kish and Audrey Merlino, 2855 Malibu, $99,900

Lucia M. Townshend to Reverse Mortgage Solutions LLC, 504 Canal, $45,800


Norman E. Hollister to Chase W. Giering and Sara Pyne, 1881 Warner, $85,000

Sue C. McClain to Michael J. and Carol O’Dell, Sodom Hutchings, $200,000


Paul F. and Michael J. Tankovich to Michelle Kompanik and Michael J. Tankovich, 3298 Watson Marshall, $30,000

Chalmer A. and Tracy L. Swaney to WH Land Company LLC, 1493 Harding, $43,000