On the record – Girard

WHAT: City council meeting Monday

PRESENT: Reynald Paolone, Mark Ragozine, Mark Standohar, Fran Wilson, Thomas Grumley, Lily Martuccio, John Moliterno, William Ryser and Mayor James Melfi


• Heard from Melfi numerous improvements were made at Liberty Memorial Park, such as new soccer fields installed, small pavilions painted, improved visibility and safety, trees planted, big pavilion interior painted, and park access road paved. He said thousands of people are at the park on weekends for various events;

• Heard from Melfi the Girard Lakes property has been appraised, but did not provide specifics. Council did meet in executive session on purchase or sale of property but took no action;

• Heard from Wilson asking if there has been mosquito spraying at the Creekside Golf Dome. Melfi said the Trumbull County Combined Health District placed pellets there to kill mosquitoes;

• Heard from Safety-Service Director Jerome Lambert road scarfing was taking place on roads north of Churchill Road and should be complete by end of the month;

• Heard from Martuccio a business mixer to look at restarting the Girard Chamber of Commerce will be 6 to 8 p.m. Sept. 19 at the Royal Gardens. She said a recent summer mixer showed businesses supporting other businesses and wanting to improve the city’s downtown;

• Reported two new police officers will be installed at the Sept. 24 meeting;

• Heard from Wilson who requestedlooking at computerizing the zoning department;

• Heard from Wilson some delinquent commercial properties in the city have been paying their taxes after officials began to investigate what funds were owed to the city;

• Requested legislation be prepared for the city to have its website redesigned and updated at a cost of $2,000;