Girard officials to address flooding

GIRARD — Officials will be looking into whether water lines were blocked or open following two recent heavy rains that flooded roads and basements in parts of the city.

Donna Stasko of East Liberty Street told city council Monday she and other residents in the 600 block of the street had flooded basements, some with sewage, the first time on Labor Day and the second time Sunday.

“We had just remodeled our entire basement. Our basement was ruined by the sewage on Labor Day. It was a total mess,” Stasko said, adding there was $4,500 in damage to carpeting and paneling.

She said on Sunday night she and other neighbors had water back in their basements.

Mayor James Melfi said he was out late Sunday night checking on different areas of the city, including East Liberty Street.

“There was a significant amount of rainfall all day Sunday. I agree there is nothing worse than sewage in your house,” said Melfi.

He said rain gauges at the water plant reported 5 inches of rain in parts of the city.

While the flooding on East Liberty Street doesn’t happen after every heavy rain, Melfi said the area has issues because some properties sit lower than the street.

He said the city will be using telescopic equipment to check water lines this week to see if they are blocked. Melfi said the data will determine what the city can do to find a remedy.

Residents can file a claim with the city’s insurance, and if the line was blocked, they might receive compensation, he said.

“Our water plant handles 5 million gallons of water a day. On Sunday, it handled 16 million gallons by the end of the day,” Melfi said.

Third Ward Councilwoman Fran Wilson, whose basement flooded, said she received calls from residents of Joan Avenue near the Trumbull Country Club golf course for flooding. Service Director Jerome Lambert said he received 10 calls from residents for flooding.