City manager could have big payout

NEWTON FALLS — Village Manager Jack Haney could walk away with tens of thousands of dollars when he finishes his employment on Oct. 30.

As of Tuesday, Haney has 236 hours of vacation time worth $10,178 and 1,031 hours of sick time worth $44,474, for a total of $54,652 that he could receive, said Anna Musson, director of finance for the village of Newton Falls.

That amount may change if Haney decides to take some vacation time or gets sick before the end of his employment, Musson said.

Two weeks ago, Haney submitted his retirement resignation to council, saying he is resigning as of Oct. 30.

In May, council voted 3-2 not to renew Haney’s contract. His contract of $87,500 was from June 2015 to Nov. 30, 2018. He has served more than 11 years in the village, starting in 2007.

During the Monday night council meeting, there was a motion to recognize Haney’s resignation but because of confusing language, there were no motions made on it.

A special meeting was scheduled for Friday to discuss the language, but was canceled after a conversation with the law director concluded that the meeting wasn’t needed, according to Councilman John Baryak.

“We have the letter, that’s good enough. It won’t be back on the agenda,” said Mark Stimpert, councilman.

There were 44 applications received to replace Haney and after meeting for a special session, the list was narrowed down to four candidates — E. Thomas Ault of Louisville, Kevin Brooks of Akron, Ted Andrejwoski of Eastlake and David Lynch of Euclid.

Council has not yet made a decision on Haney’s replacement.