Brookfield man didn’t fool police

Faces felony drug charges

WARREN — A man accused of tossing drugs from a car during a traffic stop and making a comment that he’s smarter than police and he got away with something now faces felony-level drug charges.

Martin Halstead, 26, 1052 S. Park Drive, Brookfield, was charged Tuesday with two felony counts of possession of drugs and one count of tampering with evidence, court records state. The charges stem from an Aug. 7 incident.

After being cited on charges of driving under suspension and a stop sign violation and having his car towed, Halstead was accused of walking away and saying “I am smarter than you and I got away with it,” a police report states.

Police, who found the comment odd, thought they may have missed something, so they walked back to where Halstead was stopped. They found six bindles of suspected heroin, one plastic bag tip of suspected heroin and one rock of crack cocaine, all packaged for sale, the report states.

Police reviewed video footage from their police car and saw a plastic bag being thrown from the passenger side window of Halstead’s car, the report states. Halstead maintained it wasn’t his and that police planted it at the scene, the report states.

Criminal charges against Halstead had been pending lab results of the suspected drugs. A warrant has been issued for Halstead’s arrest, court records state.



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