$50,000 bond set in baseball bat attack

WARREN — A city man arrested after police said he attacked his girlfriend’s estranged husband with a baseball bat and knife during a fight on Thursday pleaded not guilty Tuesday to a charge of felonious assault during a jail arraignment before Warren Municipal Court Judge Terry Ivanchak.

Patrick L. Anderson, 18, 1320 Roberts Ave. NW, Apt. D-7, on Tuesday was assigned a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear for a pre-trial hearing Oct. 4 before Ivanchak, court records show. He remains at the Trumbull County Jail.

Anderson was arrested in connection to a fight that took place around 10:30 a.m. Thursday, when Zachary B. Bokros, 24, arrived at 1190 Roberts Ave. NW and found Anderson sitting on his couch. When Bokros asked what he was doing there, the two men got into an argument, which led to a fight.

Anderson, according to Bokros’ statement to police, grabbed a metal baseball bat and began swinging at him.

Bokros was struck on his left forearm and on the side of his body, before securing the bat between his stomach and arm, according to the police report. Anderson then grabbed a kitchen knife and began swinging it at Bokros, who eventually took it from Anderson, according to the report. Anderson then left the apartment.

Later returning with three to four other men, Anderson demanded that Bokros leave, according to the report. When Bokros stood his ground, Anderson stated: “Today’s the day you die,” according to the report.

Anderson, according to the report, threatened to shoot Bokros.

“I have a bullet for your head,” Anderson is reported to have threatened in the report.

Bokros was alarmed because he knows some of Anderson’s friends have guns, according to the report. He told police he was worried because his wife, who left with Anderson, has the keys to Bokros’ mother’s car and fears it might be damaged.

Police, in their report, noted that Bokros had multiple scratch marks on his shoulder and neck area, on his hands and beneath his chest. He had a large contusion on his left forearm, where the baseball bat made contact.

Bokros obtained a temporary protection order to prevent Anderson from being able to come anywhere near him.

In addition to the assault, Anderson was arrested on warrants in connection to two traffic violations from earlier in the year.