Trumbull County courts

Marriage applications filed in Trumbull County Aug. 6-11:

Eric L. Warner, 32, Warren, and Britany A. Warner, 32, Warren.

Samuel R. Burkholder, 24, Orwell, and Amanda E. Troyer, 22, Middlefield.

Cody A. Marshall, 22, Fowler, and Elizabeth N. Emery, 21, Fowler.

Leroy J. Krause, 30, Warren, and April D. Gridley, 33, Warren.

Kai W. Hunter, 25, Warren, and Stephanie M. Gotti, 23, Niles.

Anthony J. Devitz, 44, Brookfield, and Shannon L. Hanley, 36, Brookfield.

Timothy A. Horton Jr., 40, Warren, and Julia L. Kuhn, 35, Warren.

Cody D. Sloan, 27, Mercer, Pa., and Emily B. Marburger, 26, Niles.

Daniel L. Hall, 31, Niles, and Mary G. P. Verosa, 30, Niles.

Kevin C. Fraser, 57, address confidential, and Kathy L. Hendricks, 60, Warren.

Justin L. Smith, 31, Warren, and Jennifer C. Ulam, 26, Cortland.

Michael W. Molnar, 32, address confidential, and Ashley M. Baillie, 30, Warren.

Justin D. Shrader, 38, Fowler, and Megan Daley, 39, Fowler.

Joseph A. Manonis, 27, Berlin Center, and Crystal M. Alexander, 29, Fowler.

Lisa M. Guy, 46, Warren, and George S. Matrunick, 66, Warren.

Kyle A. Barry, 29, Washington, D.C., and Gillian C. Michelakis, 29, Washington, D.C.

Anthony D. Perige, 32, Cortland, and Lisa M. Gromley, 36, Cortland.

Sara L. Hudson, 38, Cortland, and Robert W. Berry, 46, Cortland.

Kayla L. Parsons, 25, Cortland, and Thomas C. Bailey, 28, Cortland.

Michael S. Mariano, 39, Cortland, and Jenna E. Manz, 29, Cortland.

Tyler B. Evans, 27, Warren, and Scarlet M. Foster, 24, Warren.

James J. Karabinus, 30, Newton Falls, and Kristina M. Rossi, 23, Newton Falls.

Joseph I Robinson IV, 43, Newton Falls, and Krickett L. Donley, 33, Newton Falls.

Marie A. Lingenfelter, 29, Warren, and Matthew J. Blough, 33, West Middlesex, Pa.

Nicole J. Montgomery, 30, Hermitage, Pa., and Samuel C. Bowser, 32, Hermitage, Pa.

Thomas J. Brant, 21, Warren, and Jessica M. Goff, 24, Niles .

Maria Z. Catuogno, 26, Chicago, Ill., and Seth J. Lanting, 33, Chicago, Ill.

Scott E. Rockenfelder, 47, Cortland and Mary-Ann M. Walker, 43, Cortland.

Jesse M. Regan, 32, Girard, and Sherry L. Joki, 27, Girard.

Andrew M. Oranich, 27, Warren, and Rochelle R. Thomas, 32, Cortland.

Daniel J. Martino, 29, Brookfield, and Stephanie R. Ferrebee, 26, Brookfield.

John A. Bumgardner Jr., 59, Masury, and Diane L. Cowan, 60, Masury.

Amanda L. Coleman, 38, Warren, and Daniel B. Reibold, 46, Warren.

Anna R. Kempf, 24, Middlefield, and Jacob J. Miller Jr. IV, 22, Middlefield.

Terry L. Vandergrift, 56, Warren, and Connie S. Parks, 56, Warren.

Michael D. Fetty, 49, Cortland, and Cheri L. Quade, 34, Cortland.

Jodice A. Bowers, 23, Girard, and Grace M. Vance, 21, Girard.

Zachery J. Grinnell, 24, Cortland, and Meghan L. Finley, 23, Cortland.

Haylee J. Mink, 25, Cortland, and Ethan E. Ainsley, 25, Cortland.

Jeremy L. Neely Sr., 25, Warren, and Abbygale L. Smith, 20, Warren.

Jeremy A. Jordan, 30, Warren, and Haley L. Beemer, 18, Warren.

Anthony D. Brown, 27, Niles, and Victoria G. Thornton, 25, Selma, Texas.

Bernadette Ballard, 45, Warren, and Arthur D. Bell, 49, Warren.

April L. Gray, 28, Niles, and Travus W. Cottrill, 35, Niles.