Property transfers

Property transfers filed in Trumbull County Aug. 9-13:


Susan E. Huffman to Teresa and Stephen Bott, 3281 Eagles Nest Loft Unit B, $58,400


Seven Seventeen Credit Union Inc to Ray Mearns, 1232 Housel Craft, $50,107

CR 2018 LLC to Cross Country Property Investments LLC, 2870 Bristol Champion Townline, $22,000


David Aaron Smith and Kerry Diane Flowers to James Robert and Elise Marie Haggerty, 1386 state Route 7, $86,000


Joseph J. Kirkwood and Phyylis A. Kirkwood to Raymond G. and Mary J. Custer, 47 Heath, $140,000

Daniel L. Simmons and Linda E. Kook to Craig and Stephanie L. Hardway, Edward, $130,000

Peter S. and Carole L. Dolata to Jesse James and Chelsea Rae Svonavec, 5180 Craig, $85,000


Neopert LLC to Domminick J. and Maria P. Harrison, 46 Spring Creek Drive, $295,000

Brian K. Blank to R. Caldwell Holdings Company LLC, S. High, $215,000

WAE Corporation to Brian R. and Jill M. Hodor, Stonewood Drive, $55,000

500 Wakefield Properties LLC to Smegal Management LLC, 500 Wakefield Unit A, $131,000

James M. and Candice A. Winston to Joseph A. Stiver and Valerie K. Hampton, 55 Brookview Drive, $275,000

Gerald A. and Peggy J. Haines to John E. and Laura J. Bletso, 241 Cricket Lane, $158,500


Lee and Linda Silvernail to Heath Davis, 265 Main St., $71,000

Denise L. Cowen and Sonia J. Moneypenny to Denise L. Cowen and Sonia J. Moneypenny, 5200 Warren Painesville Road, $67,300


John J. Chiec Jr. and Susan O’Connell to Lukus and Jessica S. Carr, 35 Second, $42,500

Katie Cretella and Richard Mitulinsky to Katie Cretella, 918 Gary, $75,000


Michael P. Platt to Craig A. and Wenelin K. Bonar, 109 Nicklaus Drive, $250,000

Carla Lee to Daniel Alfred Calai and Laurencia Canzonetta, 8262 Fairhill, $76,000

Daniel Alfred Calai and Laurencia Canzonetta to Daniel Alfred Calai and Laurencia Canzonetta, 8262 Fairhill, $76,000

Richard B. and Kathy E. Norcini to Terry A. Taylor, 3749 Southwood, $157,000

Eugene D. and Vivi Camelli to Joshua and Janessa Keifer, 337 Wheelock, $147,000


George E. Nemitz Jr. to Jerry L. and Barbara J. Saxion, 5032 Ridge Road $280,000


Todd E. Getts to Maria Anna Young, 19 Walker Circle, $190,000

Janis G. Pellatrio to Delores Dietz, 2748 Belmont, $56,600

Robert J. and Vincent A. Piolli to Jesse A. Marr, 816 Mansell, $58,000

Victor R. Rice to Masters Real Estate Investment Group, 510 Santa Monica, $45,700

Mary A. Dellarco to Dennis C. Davanzo, 569 Northlawn, $144,000

Kim Chunsun Strickland to William and Abigail Kaglic, 15334 Fisher, $151,000

Karen A. Carsone and Cynthia J. Pinti to Lani E. Anderson, 5080 Sampson, $89,700

Jerney Homes LLC to Justin R. Garofali and Leah M. Conaway, 4793 Vienna, $100,000


James R. and Barbara J. Hash to Tracie L. Fugitt and Ray J. Delpuppo, 1013 Paige Court, $209,900

Lynn A. and Barbara J. Thomasto Tammy Wibert, 202 Albert, $180,000

Carole Mazanetz to James B. and Barbara Hash, 2033 East River Road Unit 15, $139,900


Frances J. Gromley to Pete B. and Deborah M. Urick, 5063 Herner County Line, $132,000


Jeffery E. and Heidi L. Jardine to Tania O Testa, Niles Vienna Road, $32,000


Harbour Portfolio VIII LP to Thankful Inc., 1915 Clermont, $31,747

Harbour Portfolio VI LP to HMW Equity Funding LLC, 2885 Clearwater, $28,581

Bryant A. Furniss to George J. and Kalliopi Graham, 389 Quarry Unit D Lane, $59,000

Albert Nursing and Residential Facility to DCR Fund I LLC, 2035 Van Wye, $375,000

Dental Realty Management Company LLC to Dental Recovery Solutions 360 LLC, 1019 North Park, $50,000

Dental Recovery Solutions 360 LLC to Menachem LLC, 1019 North Park, $50,000

Michael Gustovich Jr. and Valerie Beth Gustovich to Nianna E. Gustovich, 716 Trumbull, $50,000

ARC / Natalie R. Teringo to Richard A. Chinchic, 3283 Greenfield, $33,000

Lisa A. Swan and Anna C. Arcuri to Ryan Curtis, 3169 Solar, $38,000

645 Hammer LLC to Norman Realty LLC, 645 Summit, $80,000

Valerie D. Henderson to Brian G. Olejnik, 1007 Perkinswood, $47,500

Mark K. Hughes and David A. Hughes Sr. to Richard B. and Beverly J. ONeill, 1796 Hollywood, $71,000

James M. Grabosky and Gina Benden to Lee Ann Harsh, 1856 Sheridan, $36,500

Kenneth A. Morelli to Infinity Leasing LLC, 2970 Parkman, $60,000


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