Chief: Firefighters save man stuck in vent

WARREN — A man became stuck in an air return vent inside 326 Chestnut Ave. NE after he dropped his phone in it and attempted to retrieve it, said Warren fire Chief Ken Nussle.

“He popped the grate off because he dropped the phone into it. He put his head in to look for it and fell into the cold air return,” Nussle said. “If his roommate wasn’t there, he might’ve died. He couldn’t breathe in there.”

The man’s roommate called the Trumbull County 911 Center after failing to pull him out himself, Nussle said.

On the 911 call, the caller asks the dispatcher to please send at least two men to help, “before he gets stuck in there for good.”

The men’s names are not listed in the 911 center report, and Nussle did not have the information on Tuesday.

During the call, a man can be heard in the background asking for help in a panicked tone.

“He is freaking out,” the dispatcher told the fire department.

When firefighters got to the home, only the man’s feet were sticking out of the floor register, Nussle said.

“He asked the firefighters if they could send something down so he could breathe, but then he passed out. They secured his legs with rope and began to pull him out until enough of his body was out, and then pulled him the rest of the way,” Nussle said.

The man regained consciousness and was examined by medical personnel. He is OK now, Nussle said.

“I assume the phone is still down there,” Nussle said.