Niles to pave side streets starting July

NILES — For the first time in several years, side streets in the city will be paved using money from the general fund.

Niles joined with Trumbull County in seeking bids for its upcoming paving project and City Council recently approved entering into a $346,726 contract with Shelly and Sands of North Jackson for the 2018 street resurfacing project. City council previously appropriated $400,000 for paving projects, and by going out to bid with the county, Niles was able to get a better cost that leaves nearly $54,000 that will be used to pave a couple more streets, said project manager and public utilities infrastructure coordinator Kevin Robertson.

South Cedar Avenue, Russell Avenue, Park Drive, Summerberry Lane, St. John Avenue, East Margaret Avenue, John Street, Dragon Drive, Oak Forest Drive, North Rhodes Avenue, Pine Oak Court and North Arlington Avenue will be paved, Robertson said.

“We will probably pave one or two more streets along with some crack sealing but which streets are still undecided,” Robertson said.

The streets will be milled, with an inch and a half of pavement removed and filled back in. Robertson will meet with the contractor June 26 for a pre-construction meeting and work is expected to begin in July.