Hubbard facility on cutting edge of stunt dog sport

HUBBARD — A local dog-training facility is on the cutting edge of a new sport.

The Canine Campus, 757 N. Main St., held the inaugural Stunt Dog Indoor Trial Saturday where owners had the opportunity to show off the skills of their furry friends. Patty Stafford, a certified trick dog instructor and stunt dog judge, said the Stunt Dog Trial held at the Hubbard facility was the first ever to be held for the sport in Ohio.

Stafford said the trick dog sport was founded by author Kyra Sundance of sanctioned trick dog titling organization Do More with Your Dog! Dogs can advance through levels from novice to champion to earn their trick dog designation, which then makes them eligible to advance through more levels to obtain the ultimate goal of stunt dog champion, Stafford said.

“We can submit their titles once they’ve completed the work and demonstrated fluency and the correct way of doing tricks,” Stafford said. “Then they can qualify after having those trick titles for stunt dog.”

Dogs on Saturday performed a number of tasks at their owners’ commands that included walking a ring, staying in one place, jumping on a platform, and staying and jumping through a hoop.

All the profits from Saturday’s event benefited therapy dog nonprofit K9’s for Compassion to help pay for costs associated with paperwork and exams. Katie Costello, the founder of K9’s for Compassion, who is also a professional dog trainer, said such competitions are enjoyable for all involved.

“It’s a confidence builder for the dog and it builds the human animal bond,” she said.