On the record – Mecca


WHAT: Township trustee meeting Thursday

PRESENT: Fritz Birkhimer, Jim Governor and Dan Galbencia


• Heard from Fiscal Officer Jennifer Mancini that Perry and Associates picked up township financial records and will begin in two weeks going through recreating what money came in and went out in 2016 and 2017 and making needed adjustments to accounts. The township’s financial records were declared inauditable by the State Auditor’s Office and are being fixed to get them into a condition to be audited. Trustees last month approved Perry and Associates to do the work;

• Heard from Mancini that the fire and emergency medical service can be combined into one fund for appropriations;

• Heard from Birkhimer about estimates on a tornado warning siren on a 50-foot pole for west side of the township. He said for the siren and installation costs are estimated at $17,894;

• Heard from resident Darryl Black, who asked that a township website be started. Governor said trustees will look into this;

• Reported a Dollar General store wil locate in the township off state Route 46, south of the center;

• Set spring cleanup 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. May 12. A grant was acquired for tire collection. Horodyski Brothers and Sunburst have been approved for the cleanup;

• Will have Love Warner, Mahan-Denman and Morrel Ray roads tarred and chipped this summmer but are waiting for financial records to be placed in order before proceeding;

• Heard from Birkhimer the baseball scoreboard will be installed at the park in two weeks. Work was done by Storm Services Solution;

• Approved adjusting the pay of Birkhimer and Galbencia from $900 to $945 per month after they won re-election last yar. Trustees waited to make adjustment to their pay because of the township finances needing to be reworked. Mancini said the increases are set by the Ohio Township Association;

• Heard from Governor of getting “Welcome to Mecca” signs for the entrances to the township.

— Bob Coupland