Drilling concerns in Bristol

Messick Road residents hit with noise, odor, road woes

BRISTOL — Messick Road residents told trustees they are tired of the loud noise, odor and road damage they said is caused by drilling at a property near their home.

Bob and Julie Letavish said the strong diesel fuel odor has been constant and bright spotlights from the property illuminate their home at night.

”We can’t sleep in our bedroom because of how bright the spotlights are and have to sleep in another room of the house. It is not peaceful at night to sleep anymore. When the television is on there is so much noise we can’t hear it,” Bob Letavish said.

The Letavishes said they are concerned that if more oil and gas trucks use the road it will cause additional damage to the road surface.

”It will be even more noise crazy for the people who live close by and have to put up with this,” he said.

Julia Letavish said the problem started last August and the road has been torn apart by trucks.

Neither the Letavishes nor the trustees provided the name of the party drilling at the property.

Trustee Chairman Doug Seemann said trustees have no power to regulate drilling.

Trustee Mark Webb said townships that have Home Rule have a better chance of regulating injection well drilling.

”Only those with Home Rule have been able to do so successfully,” he said.

Bristol does not have Home Rule.

Trustee Ramon French said he has read where Brookfield and other communities have had to address gas drilling.

”We came to Bristol to have peace and quiet. If I could get out of the house tomorrow I would sell it,” said Julia Letavish.

The residents said the drilling has become a nuisance with the fumes and trucks early in the morning. They noted there was very little traffic on Messick Road before the drilling, but now there are trucks with heavy equipment.

Seemann said he spoke with Trumbull County Commissioner Frank Fuda to see what is taking place, how long the drilling will continue and if there are any restrictions.

”They can’t finish the project soon enough,” said Bob Letavish.

In another matter, French said Gary Newbrough, assistant sanitary engineer, that a public meeting to discuss getting water to the center of the township and nearby areas has been set for 7 p.m. Jan. 11.

Seemann said plans are to see if there is an interest from residents of getting water brought from state Route 45 in Champion to the center.

Surveys and questionnaires will be sent to residents in the area before the meeting to gauge interest.

”There is a good chance we might be able to get water from Champion along Route 45 all the way into Bristol with some trunklines off of it,” French said.

Trustees said grants will be sought to keep project costs down.

French said the only costs for residents would be from the main trunk box in front of a residence to connect to the waterline. He said there would be no frontage cost.

”This is a good opportunity to get some water into the township,” French said.


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