Firefighters receive truck training

Bazetta’s new vehicle could be ready to hit the streets this week

Firefighters received training for their new truck on Wednesday. The vehicle is expected to be in service next week.

BAZETTA — The fire department’s new truck, a vehicle officials said will make firefighters’ jobs easier, should be ready for service this week.

“With this truck, we’ll see a difference in the job we do,” said Bazetta fire Capt. Mike Mannella. “It’s more efficient, faster and safer.”

Firefighters for the past three weeks have trained on the new vehicle. Each was required to complete 10 hours of driver training and six hours of operational training. Representatives from Pennsylvania-based KME Fire, which designed and built the truck, provided the training.

The truck replaces a 26-year-old ladder truck that had safety issues, said fire Chief Dennis Lewis. The new truck features a water nozzle that can be adjusted to fight different types of fires; a 79-foot ladder, four feet longer than the one on the old truck; and a larger water tank. The new tank can hold 500 gallons compared to 300 gallons in the old truck.

In addition, the truck has a device to save people who are trapped in a vehicle and a recording device similar to a black box found on airplanes. A water gauge on the side of the truck and the ladder are equipped with LED lights.

“The lights are very helpful,” Mannella said. “The LED lights on the ladder makes it a lot safer for firefighters to use.”

Also, the truck is more maneuverable than the previous truck, Mannella said.

“We didn’t get the bells and whistles, we just got what we needed,” Mannella said. “The truck is modernized and looks good.”

To help design the truck, Mannella said the youngest firefighter from each of the three shifts was part of the design committee because they would be using the truck the longest.

“I wanted some young eyes on this ladder truck since they will have it for the next 30 years,” Mannella said.

Part-time firefighter Zach Walters said the truck is a morale booster for the department.

“It’s good for the department and the township,” he said. “We’ll be able to provide the highest level service to our citizens.”

A federal grant paid for $619,048 of the $672,122 cost of the truck. The township paid the rest. It will be housed at the department’s new building on Warren Meadville Road.



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