Tue. 11:00 a.m.: Girard council awards contract for demolition

GIRARD — City council unanimously awarded a contract Monday to get a downtown building that many have said is an eyesore demolished.

City officials then plan to take the needed steps to acquire the property.

Council entered into a contract with Moderalli Excavating of Poland at $129,900 for demolishing the large building at 15 and 25 W. Liberty St.

The vacant building sits on the southwestern corner of the intersection of East Liberty Street and U.S. Route 422 with the two storefronts vacant.

Mayor James Melfi said future plans are to get the building removed first and then proceed with the steps needed to acquire the land.

He said the bid was $20,000 less than another bid received for the project.

“This was a very good bid we are pleased with for this project,” Melfi said.

Law Director Brian Kren said the demolition process is to abate the nuisance the building has become.

He said costs to remove the building will be assessed to the property owner through the Trumbull County Auditor’s office. Officials said the bank will foreclose on the property

“We will not be taking ownership yet until this is done first,” Kren said.

Mefli said he plans at the Sept. 27 meeting to have legislation prepared for the city to begin the process to get property ownership.

“We will see what dollars we can get to help cover the costs for removing someone else’s mess,” he said.



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