VP Mike Pence motorcade on its way to Youngstown Police Department

Editors Note: Tribune Chronicle politics writer David Skolnick is traveling with the motorcade of Vice President Mike Pence throughout the day today in the Mahoning Valley. Check back here for frequent updates and read Friday’s print edition for complete coverage and photos.

LORDSTOWN — After finishing his speech at Lordstown Motors, Vice President Mike Pence and the motorcade headed at 1:18 p.m. to the Youngstown police department to talk to local law enforcement and city leaders.

It’s his last scheduled stop before heading back to the Youngstown Air Reserve Station.

Check back for updates.

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LORDSTOWN — The new Lordstown-built all-electric pickup truck, the Endurance, has been revealed, taking the stage inside the Lordstown Motors Corp. facility with Vice President Mike Pence in the passenger seat.

The stunning vehicle is silver with black accents and orange and black wheels.

The vehicle will be built inside the former General Motors complex here.

Earlier, LMC CEO Steve Burns said that despite today being the official launch of sales of the truck, LMC started early so it didn’t get too deep in costs. As a result, he said pre-sales of the vehicle have paid for the first year of production.


LORDSTOWN – After a 30-minute motorcade ride, Vice President Mike Pence entered the Lordstown Motors facility for a brief tour a short time ago.

He was met by Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill, Lordstown Motors Corp. CEO Steve Burns and Rich Schmidt, the company’s chief production officer.

Pence had a brief conversation with Ron Trautzsch, the company’s director of body assembly, and David Bradford, its control engineer.

Trautzsch told the vice president to push a button, which Pence did, to start automated production robots that moved around. Pence, wearing goggles but no facial mask, gave a thumbs up and said, “Good job.”

Also inside the facility in advance of the upcoming unveiling of the new all-electric pickup truck, the Endurance, Burns now is addressing the crowd of about 200, socially spaced.

Burns said despite today being the official launch of sales of the truck, LMC had to start early so it didn’t get too deep with costs. Pre-sales, so far, he said, have paid for the first year of production.

Youngstown State University President Jim Tressel also spoke.


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