Pence: Police don’t have to choose between law and community

Editors Note: Tribune Chronicle politics writer David Skolnick is traveling with the motorcade of Vice President Mike Pence throughout the day today in the Mahoning Valley. Check back here for frequent updates and read Friday’s print edition for complete coverage and photos.

YOUNGSTOWN – Vice President Mike Pence told Youngstown police officers that people don’t have to “choose between law enforcement and our African-American community.”

He added: “In Youngstown, we’re showing we don’t have to make that choice.”

Pence spoke for about 10 minutes in the department’s garage to about 25 officers led by Chief Robin Lees.

Pence praised the work done by the city police to unite the community in times of criticism of law enforcement.

Pence said he and President Donald Trump stand united in support of police and will look for ways to improve law enforcement.

Pence, whose uncle was a Chicago police officer, acknowledged there are some issues.

“Nobody hates bad cops more than good cops,” he said.

Afterward, Pence spent about ten minutes having a private conversation with Youngstown Mayor Jamael Tito Brown; Derrick McDowell, the city’s community engagement coordinator; Guy Burney, the head of the city’s Community Initiative to Reduce Violence; and Chris Amill, head coach at Youngstown’s Chaney High School.

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