Ryan: ‘We’re not doing a good job’

YOUNGSTOWN — U.S. Rep Tim Ryan displayed some of the fire he has shown in Congress Wednesday to urge the public to do a better job of heeding the advice of federal and state officials to distance themselves from others.

His remarks followed the news Tuesday that Mahoning County’s nine deaths from the COVID-19 virus means it has the highest number of deaths from the COVID-19 virus in Ohio and the higest per-capita number of cases in the state at 153.

“Mahoning County per capita has the highest death rate and we are not taking it seriously,” Ryan said during a teleconference with reporters this afternoon.

“We need to take this very, very seriously. I know there are still people going out, still interacting. We have got to stay at home. We’re not doing a good job, and this is going to cost lives of health care workers.

“Every single day our health care workers are on the front lines, sacrificing their own lives, putting their lives at risk … and increasing the risk for their own family.

“We have people because of this virus who are literally dying alone in a hospital bed in a cold room where their families can’t see them.”


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