Fri. 2:23 p.m.: Gun safety petition moves forward

A petition that would close loopholes in Ohio’s gun laws requiring background checks before a gun can be sold to someone moved forward a step today.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost approved the language submitted by Ohioans for Gun Safety.

The language will now move to the ballot board for consideration, then signatures will have to be collected and then the measure will be presented to the Ohio General Assembly or on a ballot for voters, according to a news release from the gun safety group.

The act would criminally penalize people who sell, buy, transfer or receive a firearm without first having a background check by a federally licensed firearms dealer.

The first violation would be a misdemeanor with a jail term up to 30 days and / or a $250 fine. After two or more convictions, a person would be charged with a felony and could go to jail for six to 12 months and / or be charged a fine of $2,500, according to the language in the document.

There would be exceptions, including for firearms exchanged as gifts between family members, temporary transfers to prevent death or injury, interactions with gunsmiths, and transactions involving antique firearms.

Will licensed dealers in Ohio conduct background checks before selling a firearm, the checks aren’t being conducted on all sales at gun shows or between individuals.