Tue. 8:26 a.m.: Texas officer fatally shoots woman after struggle over Taser

BAYTOWN, Texas (AP) — A Texas police officer fatally shot a woman moments after she seems to say “I’m pregnant” in an altercation captured on video.

The shooting happened late Monday in Baytown, about 25 miles east of Houston. Baytown Police Lt. Steve Dorris says the officer was patrolling an apartment complex and attempted to arrest the 44-year-old woman, whom the officer had previously dealt with, because he knew she had outstanding warrants.

The department has learned that Turner was not pregnant, said Dorris, who declined to elaborate on how police know that. Autopsy results have not been released.

Turner and the officer engaged in a struggle after he sought to arrest her. The officer opened fire after Turner grabbed his Taser and struck him in the groin with it, shocking him, Dorris said.

In the video, the woman is heard saying “You’re actually harassing me.” The woman is on the ground and appears to reach toward the officer, and then he fired five shots.

Dorris says the woman was pronounced dead at the scene.