Sat. 8:53 p.m.: Sewer rates to rise in Trumbull County

COMING SUNDAY: Sewer rates are going to rise for at least 13,000 households and businesses in at least 14 different communities, and — depending on how Trumbull County commissioners handle the upcoming changes — the increase could affect an additional 7,800.

Trumbull County has two sewer districts.

In order for the Metro District to perform in the black, rates there would have to rise from $6.66 per 1,000 gallons treated now to $9.66 in June, and to $11.93 in 2020.

But the rate needed in Mosquito Creek District could actually go down, from $5.75 per 1,000 gallons treated now to $3.75 in June and to $5.67 in 2020, according to data released by the Trumbull County Sanitary Engineerás office.

Or, commissioners could combine the districts in order to spread the costs over more customers to reduce the steep impact — a near doubling of the rates in the Metro District.

Read details in the Sunday Tribune Chronicle.


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