Tues. 12:08 p.m. Woman arrested on a charge of inducing panic at hospitals

WARREN – A city resident was arrested early Tuesday in connection with bomb threats called into St. Joseph Warren Hospital on Eastland and Trumbull Memorial Hospital.

Linda Huey, 182 High St. NE, Apt. 501, was arrested on a charge of inducing panic and is scheduled to appear in a video arraignment at 1:30 p.m. today before Judge Thomas Gysegem.

St. Joseph was placed on lockdown at about 11:54 p.m. Monday in response to the phoned-in bomb threat. A few moments later, at 12:04 a.m. Tuesday, Trumbull Memorial Hospital received the same phone call.

The call was traced to 182 High St., Apt. 501, according to a 911 transcript.

Police knocked on the door at the High Street apartment, but there was no answer. They then went to Apartment 308, where a male, Mitch E. Ziegler, allowed officers inside and was detained, according to the 911 transcript.

Linda Huey, 182 High St. NE., Apt. 501, was located and detained. A blue AT&T flip phone was confiscated by officers.

Ziegler, according to the 911 transcript, cooperated with investigating officers, telling them what he knew of the events.

Huey was arrested and taken to Trumbull County Jail.

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