Wed. 12:09 p.m.: Veteran who spoke out about voter purge resigns as mayor

OAK HARBOR, Ohio (AP) — A U.S. Army veteran who found himself in the middle of a U.S. Supreme Court case about whether states can purge voters has resigned as mayor of a village in Ohio.

Joseph Helle stepped down as Oak Harbor’s mayor after a complaint about his residence. Helle says he’s been staying with his fiancee in another city because of ongoing renovations at his home.

He says village council members asked for his resignation. One member says they were only looking into the issue of residence.

The Democrat is running for a state House seat this fall.

Helle spoke out about the legal fight over Ohio’s efforts to remove inactive voters from its rolls after he was removed while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Supreme Court sided with Ohio in June.


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