Sat. 11:36 p.m.: Groups work together for ‘complete streets’ in Warren

COMING SUNDAY: Making roads in the city accessible and safe for drivers, cyclists and walkers is a goal of a group of local organizations as they promote the concept of “complete streets.”

Jenna Amerine, program coordinator with Creating Healthy Communities with the Trumbull County Combined Health District, said a goal is to make a street safe and accessible for all modes of transportation and to accommodate the travel of all people regardless of mode, age and ability.

Amerine said to make a street complete may simply involve adding a bike lane, repainting lines of the road to change a four-lane road into a two-lane road with a middle turn lane, shortening crossing distances at intersections for pedestrians or posting signs making motorists aware of bike trail crossing.

“The concept of complete streets has come to light in recent years across the state,” she said.

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