Letter of faith: We cannot get by without Christ


The world can get along without you and me, but not without Christ. Isn’t America and the world today bringing God’s punishment (natural disasters) upon ourselves because we’re sinning and rebelling against God? How can God help us when we think we know what’s best for ourselves? Are we not perverting justice; looking for the government to provide all our needs, while we lounge around and sin? What idols are you worshiping today? Are your desires evil or godly? Sin fills the vacuum left when God’s truth no longer fills our life. Only God can defeat sin. People who don’t know God’s Word find their moral choices become fuzzy.

It is sad to see so many people searching for meaning in life without any knowledge of God. America needs to allow people to hear and be taught about God instead of removing Him from society.

God provides a way to return to Him, but in the end all who oppose God will be destroyed. How would He judge you?

The more anyone renounces evil, they are attacked. Maybe compare history from the Old Testament. Isaiah does a nice job, with those who first came to America and why they came. Was it not for religious freedom? God is willing to correct America, but will the people hear His voice and follow His advice?

Refusing to pay attention to God’s commands invites punishment and threatens our peace and righteousness that only comes from God. Our children need to be taught: “Come here and listen, O nations of the earth,” “Let the world and everything in it hear my Words,” “Search the Book of the Lord and see what He will do,” and “The fear of the Lord will be your treasure.” These words can be found in Isaiah.

First, the Bible has in it nothing but truth. Second, the Bible contains all truth.

Third, the Bible contains more truth than all other books together. We must not wait and hope we grow out of evil things, but put them off by a distinct willingness to believe in God.

God wants to teach and guide us. We should listen to Him because peace and righteousness come only as we obey His Word. Refusing to pay attention invites His punishment. When we become self-sufficient and place confidence in our own intelligence instead of God, we risk torment later when our strength fades.

We have hindsight to see and know the identity of the promised Messiah, who died for our sins. The Jesus in front of you today knows everything you may go through. He experienced them. Trust Him to lead you through. If God is for you, who can be against you?




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