Where are we without Christ?

Letter of faith


Today’s world can get along without you or me, but not without Christ. Look where Christianity has gone in America in the last 50 years. If the whole church of God could live as the Lord would have them live, Christianity would be the mightiest power ever seen. It’s our low standard of Christian life that causes so much trouble. We allow our lives to be stunted by following worldly / Satan’s values instead of God’s.

As Peter stated in 2 Peter 1:2-7, “May God give you more … God has given us everything we need … and godliness with … brotherly love for everyone.” Think of this — not even Pontius Pilate while condemning Jesus could find fault in the sinless Son of God. Why did He offer Himself on the cross for us sinners?

Read Psalms 37 and 1. “Delight ourselves in the Lord.” Delight means “to place yourself in a position that you might hear God speak and access your personhood.” Second, Delight can mean “We can choose to walk in the pathway of an ungodly government or a godly government.” Which have you chosen? Third, “We who delight in God are protected by the sovereignty of God.” We must meditate on God’s Word! I believe the key to Christianity is knowing God on my own, I cannot live the kind of life God wants me to live, without allowing Him full access to my entire life. The wisdom that needs to be taught is not allowed in schools today. Why? America boasts about how great a country the USA is, but do we need to stop boasting and look again at our weaknesses? Lack of spirituality, racism, selfishness, greed, jealousy, immorality issues, drug issues, arrogances and others. Do we not need to review our own circumstances and see what we have put ahead of God?

Christians need to be bolder and expose the evil deeds of this world. Too many Christians fear to speak! Fear is a powerful enemy of our faith and a strong deterrent to the believer’s peace of mind. Fear of war, disease and others can rob us of our trust in God. God is our shelter. We must ask Him to drive fear from our hearts to help others come to know Him.

“Who am I? If we follow God based on our own confidence and self-worth, it will become a liability. We don’t need more self-confidence; we need greater God-confidence.” Mark Jobe

Condemnation comes when I realize that Jesus came to deliver me from this heredity of sin, and yet I refuse to let Him do so. This world can get along without us, but not without Christ.




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