Letters of faith: We must come back to God

Letters of faith


Recent events have led me to, once again, comment on the state of our union. As time has passed over the last 50 years, we have become more and more divided as a nation. For those less informed or less observant individuals, the division of America has been going on long before Donald Trump became president, and the divisions of which I speak are deep and deeply troubling. We are divided on the question of abortion on the question of gay marriage and the homosexual lifestyle. We are divided on the question of open borders and sanctuary cities. There is also a growing question about race relations in our country.

The flames of discord are being fanned by many politicians and the leaders of the various groups involved. They all have agendas.

The real answer for all the issues our country faces is rarely brought up. We have been walking away from God for far too long. We have turned our back on Him, His natural laws, His will, His peace and His love. We now, not only separate church and state, we separate God from America. If we don’t come back to Him as a nation and as individuals, the outcome will surely be the end of America as we know it.




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