Valley YWCA event addresses trailblazing women

WARREN — Recognizing trailblazing women in different career fields was the theme of the annual Mahoning Valley YWCA’s Women’s Night fundraiser, which showed how women also contribute to the economy through their purchasing power.

The event was held recently at the Warren YWCA.

Leah Merritt, CEO of the Mahoning Valley YWCA, said “Wise Women: The Power of the Purse” was the theme to show the economic empowerment of women.

She said female trailblazers were part of the fun activity of decorating tables to honor women in various career fields, including Judge Carla Baldwin.

“We honored local women and nationally known women at each table and the achievements and accomplishments they have made in their career fields. “ she said.

The event included nearly 160 people in attendance. In addition to seeing and voting on their decorated tables, there was also a silent auction and basket raffle.

YWCA staff and those who have been helped shared their testimonies of the YWCA housing program.

“This is one of our major fundraisers. The idea started in Warren and, after we merged the two YWCAs, we decided to hold it again,” said Cheryl McArthur, chairwoman of the event. She noted each time the event has been held the same group of women has stepped up to help.

“The women are very supportive of the YWCA. This is a fun and very popular event decorating the tables. The women go all out for this,” she said.

Tables decorated honored Sally Ride, Marilyn Monroe, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and others.