No one can forgive until they’re forgiven


I read your newspaper where people gathered to pray for peace. God will answer prayers of His people. Without the preaching of the Gospel, people don’t know they are lost sinners.

I saw myself as a lost sinner Aug. 31, 1975, when the Holy Spirit convicted me of sin, and I couldn’t sleep in my misery. I agreed to go to church on Sunday morning and knelt at the old fashioned altar to repent. My life changed that day and reading the Bible to see what had happened to me.

We had Rex Humbard on the television to explain God’s plan of salvation like no one else could then. Now I hate to see churches give membership to sinners and the world gets worse like times in the Bible. No one can love others and forgive until they have been forgiven. Lord, send us some preachers of truth to Warren.