Collages can help discover inner self

LIBERTY — Howland resident Cindy Roode said she found being able to make collages on 5 x 8-inch cards “an interesting and non-threatening way of learning about yourself and sharing it with other people.”

Roode was among several people who attended a once-a-week, four-week Soul Collage program at Unity Centre for Spiritual Living, which provided participants a method of self-discovery through the creation and analysis of a deck of created cards.

People made their own decks of cards from images found in magazines, calendars, books, cards, photos and personal materials.

“It required no artistic training or ability. It was about cutting out pictures and arranging them to create images for self discovery and awareness,” Roode said.

Hubbard resident Roger Juntunen said the program was part of the Ongoing Metaphysics series and activities and was started from other previous programs held at the center.

Alison McNeal, a professor of English who led the program, said the idea is to allow people to focus on inner exploration and discovery by making different cards with images on them.

“We have people deal with their inner self and exploring the divine within yourself. They keep all the collages and cards with them,” McNeal said.

She said the cards focus on community, which is images that represent people close to you, while committee is the images of the little voices inside yourself that tell you things.

“The people want the cards to speak to them and provide direction. Some cards may focus on growing older or childhood,” McNeal said, noting cards focus on education, honesty and power.

McNeal said the cards focus on “Who are you?” “What do you have to give me?” and “What do you want from me?

“The cards represent someone speaking from their deepest self. You look at the cards and make them represent who you are and how you feel,” McNeal said.

Juntunen said the participants have come from Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Betsy Wagner of Villa Maria. Pa, said the cards are very intuitive.

“You are asking yourself questions. The whole idea for this is providing therapy for yourself and learning more about yourself,” she said.

Juntunen said the next event is a 90-minute documentary film on Edgar Cayce entitled “The Readings” at 6:45 p.m. Tuesday at the center, 1226 Naylor Lloyd Road, Liberty.

The Japanese director, Tetsu Shiratori, learned about Edgar Cayce by researching Cayce’s health remedies for diseases like diabetes, rheumatism, psoriasis and more. He was so inspired by this research, which included testimonials, Shiratori decided to produce a documentary.

Also included in this documentary are re-enactments of some legendary moments in Cayce’s life like how he saved his wife through his readings and a scholarly discussion of Cayce’s legacy and impact on humanity. This viewing is free and open to the public but love offerings or donations will be accepted.

For information, call the Center at 330-539-0122.


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